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So that sucked. Such a boring/re-cycled ending to the series and a real disappointment.

The whole episode seemed so half-assed that it was almost painful watching it; the fights were resolved terribly (particularly Saizo vs Hanzo), the ending itself seemed to be a mixture of clich and over-used and of course the hints that there could be more to come didn't even cause any excitement. I'm not saying this series was ever going to be a masterpiece, but it's failure to deliver at the end just made it go from being a rather nice watch to one that you shouldn't just bother with.

One thing that was clear with the ending, the series should have been picked up for a 24 episode run instead of just 12. Because of the constraint of a measly 12 episodes the battle scenes were rushed, not lasting more than one episode, and the character introductions for the last few Braves were even more vague and lacking in depth. It's also unfortunate that there wasn't any real character development or focus on the relationships between the Braves that I had hoped for, another by-product of having a 12 episode.

Had this anime been given 24 episodes it might have turned out better especially since the final episodes, much like many of them had been quite boring. This anime did have a rather strange habit of going into too many relaxed episodes, with little progression in the plot occurring and true to it's nature the final episode ended up just like the many episodes in-between that failed to deliver excitement.

It's a pity that even though I started off watching this anime expecting good things, it turned out quite dull in the end. And since I haven't slept all night and the sun is now out and fully shining, my patience has been fully depleted and I'm a little bit cranky.