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Okay so the series has finally had an episode which wasn't riddled with overused generic humour but more importantly the stage is now set for the final episode of this anime.Based on last week's preview at the end of the episode, I kind of guessed that Kamanosuke would end up fighting the unknown member of the Iga League of 5 but how the fight started was not something I expected. In order to take the ongoing joke concerning Kamanosuke's gender, the fight actually started within an illusion created by the last member of the Iga 5 in which Komanosuke was a princess. I think that this was possibly the best display of humour in the entire season and yet again we were denied the information regarding his gender, but that was to be expected.

The fights in this episode all ended as defeats for the braves as well - now I'm assuming they either try to defeat their enemies in the next episode or if there ends up being a second season of the anime they will come back to defeat them then. Whilst Kamanosuke's real fight was very short lived, the main focus was back on Saizo vs Hanzo and then a little bit on Jinpachi vs Ana, the latter fight serving to be more entertaining since we finally find out the reason of her betrayal and a little about her past. I wasn't impressed with the revelation that she is royalty from Europe whose aiming to retrieve the "mark" of royalty i.e. a dagger. Most of her fight with Jinpachi was more on an emotional level rather than physical and to me, it was surprising that Jinpachi went down that easily without even trying to use his lighting jutsu; maybe he did knowing that she wouldn't really kill him.

And of course this episode marked the unleashing of the Kushimitama and Isanami giving over to the deity of destruction. Because of the anime being only 12 episodes and me being so used to Naruto, I didn't really find it a good moment in the series but were I to be oblivious of Naruto it would have been less unimpressive. Isanami losing her control happened in this episode for the purpose of setting up a final struggle in the next episode which might not be between the Braves and Iga 5 but between the Braves and Isanami.

Well the above assumption is based on the next episodes title: "The Warrior of Light." That aside I'm curious to see whether someone will end up dead and what is to happen with the current battles that had taken place these last 2 episodes. Only one more week left to find out!