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BlazBlue: Alter Memory finally gives us some more fighting as Ragna faces off against Lambda, Kokonoe’s version of Nu!

They don’t get to finish their fight, though, as Kokonoe asks Tager to pull Lambda out when she recognizes Ragna.  Clearly, Lambda was created with Nu as a blueprint, but since it’s unclear exactly how that process works, it’s not clear how much of Lambda is Nu or vice versa.  And what exactly is Kokonoe’s goal, anyway?

I understand that finding a way to contextualize the characters in this anime is difficult due to the number of characters and a short amount of time, but explaining Bang Shishigami’s character by having him show Jin around town is kind of confusing.  I mean, he could be nice to Jin by helping him heal and all that without randomly deciding he needed to see the town.  What difference does it make if Jin knows what the town is like, since Bang’s goal is to avenge his master by killing Jin?  I don’t really see the logic behind it.

It’s completely unsurprising that Tsubaki decides to go against orders when she meets Jin.  She should have just attacked Jin the moment she found him; she’s charged with assassinating him, after all.  Instead, though, she urges him to go back to the NOL and explain himself.  Based on BlazBlue: Alter Memory’s penchant for avoiding all but the most crucial of fights, I’m not surprised that there isn’t a true fight scene between the two of them.

I have to say, the anime version of this story makes Jin seem super pathetic.  In the games, I’d argue that he’s one of the strongest playable characters, which makes his part in the anime rather pathetic.  This is the second time he’s almost died, for heaven’s sake.

So when the Takama-ga-hara create an “event disruption”, do they force people to make different decisions?  That’s the impression I’m getting.  Otherwise, how could they have been sure that things would turn out a different way when they basically pressed rewind in this episode?  And doesn’t this just make most of what happens in this anime arbitrary?  After all, if things don’t turn out “the right way,” the Takama-ga-hara will just press rewind and make things go the way they want them to, right?  Should we actually care about anything happening to these characters, then?

BlazBlue: Alter Memory Episode 7 Preview

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