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When will the craziness stop! The penultimate episode of the series is yet another one which makes me want to say: Huh Huuh Huuuh !

Just when you think how the story is going to progress towards wrapping up the series, you end up watching another episode with a plot twist!

I would have never expected Yuu to have switched places with Strength, a development which not only surprised me but also brought back a twisted character into the series yet again. That being said the crazy character seems to change every episode, made even more powerful by the fact that the only people becoming mentally unstable are these young girls. But my god! The moment when Yuu reveals the truth, I started getting chills - these ended up being augmented for the rest of the fight scene which is best described as brutal or ruthless.

Besides the revelation about Yuu and strength we also got an explanation about the characters and the world in which they reside. A little strange that we're only getting the explanation of the world in which BRS, Dead Master etc. are fighting, but in away it wasn't too bad to get the explanation right now, since the alternative would have been to get it in the next (last) episode and by then it would have been too late. The whole idea of these characters being emotionless beings driven by an individual woman's emotions is a rather interesting, clich d as well but what other explanation could there have been. I did like how during the explanation, a different animation style was used (resembling that of Soul Eater) although it didn't really fit with the anime as a whole.

And of course, this episode ended up resolving the questions regarding what will happen with Yomi, Kagari etc.; right at the end of the credits, we see Dead Master coming back to life. I kind of knew that they wouldn't get rid of the friendship between these girls so easily and did expect something along the lines of Yomi regaining some of her memory, and now all that's left to see is how the series will end. Will either Yomi or Mato end up dying Will it be someone else Based on how unpredictable this whole series has been I truly can't foresee the ending.