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Christ this series just keeps getting freakier and freakier.

First thought that comes to mind: BRS is a badass! Didn't think that all of this time she was the one trying to destroy that world and would go as far as to rip off her just because it was sliced up pretty badly by Black Gold Saw and more importantly now we knot that when Saya was constantly saying how she was going to kill Mato, she actually had a plan of sorts.

The more and more the story has progressed it has become steadily creepier and yet at the same time more interesting to watch; this weeks episode doesn't fail to deliver, in fact it's a rather nice and interesting change since it's a flashback to Saya (the obscure counsellor) and Yuu's first encounter. Ah yes it almost slipped my mind that Yuu was revealed to be just a few years younger than Saya, presumably we're meant to accept her character to be something resembling a ghost/non-ageing entity who was the first to know about the world where BRS goes round smacking bitches up - incidentally Yuu's doppelg nger in that world was the one kept appearing for brief moments in episodes 4 and 5.

Psychological like always, the flashback scene is done in quite a bit of detail in regards with portraying the pain that Yuu went through (eraser residue dumped into her food, stealing her clothes after swimming class) and even adding a part Saya believes just for a second that Yuu was capable of setting fire to her own home with her parents still in it. Even if I keep going on about how much all of this tends to freak me out, these bit of psychological distress and duress are essentially what have made Black Rock Shooter into a captivating anime, especially for me who generally avoids the horror genre.

I wonder how everything else will turn in the last 2 episodes. If anyone were to watch this episode, you could believe that it was the ending since and if it were to end there it would make sense; it wouldn't be good but it would make sense. Keeping that in mind, I'm also wondering whether the last two episodes will include Yomi or Kagari at all or will end up being solely focused on Mato/BRS - either way, I think the surprises are not over yet.