Well unlike Yachiru, I do find this anime to have a certain charm to it. Don't get me wrong it is definitely a strange one but maybe it's the fact that it's a non-mainstream battle anime that I am drawn to it (anyone who reads Bakuman would know the allure of a non-mainstream). So this week's episode we are introduced to a new character who goes by the nom de guerre of "Beauty by The Lake". So who is she exactly


So the "Beauty by The Lake" is in fact Yo's cousin Ayame. The episode starts off a little bit too incestuous with her trying to make Yo run an errand for her by placing a bet on a video game outcome; if she loses Yo gets to go under her bra but if she wins he has to run a specific errand for her.

So the errand was in fact getting a uniform for her from Hana, whom Ayame immediately starts to molest from their first meeting! Only to infer the wrath of Ume, who proceeds to beat up Yo and later tries to discover Ayame's body........Well we all did know he preferences but the scenes were a little bit much and hence made this episode much less powerful than the second one.

And then we end up with the battle scene. Here "The Beauty" enters the fight with the main objective of taking down the strongest Wolf, "The Witch" but this leads to her downfall as Sen explains towards the end of the battle that because Ayame only has eyes for her, she doesn't stand a chance unless she battles with the sole objective of obtaining bento. Yo has another successful bout at the store, but this time his main opponent was an unknown man who is apparently plotting with his boss the downfall of the wolves!


As I mentioned this episode was just not powerful enough, even the battle scene in the end was lacking when we compare it to the second episode. That being said the fight scene between the The Beauty and The Witch was very entertaining. If I were to discuss any other short-comings of this episode it would be the character development and that the episode was trying to hard for comedy! I mean all the innuendos seemed to be crammed primarily into this one episode, so that's another reason why the episode seemed more dull than usual. Still entertaining enough to keep me watching!