After a two weeks of absolutey no action we're finally back to the action packed Ben-To I know and love. So the episode finally reveals to us the true identity of the two freakishly incestuous Kyo twins.


The episode re-introduced them as Orthros, a Greek mythological dual-headed dog. Fitting as they attack in perfect unison whilst both wielding baskets and have left in their wake a line of defeated wolves. It's as if the characters were made to be too strong, taking out the Monarch easily when it took a combined effort from Shaga, Yarizui and Sato to do the deed.

It was good to have an episode where the Ice Witch finally looses but I do hope that this arc doesn't turn out to be exactly like the one with the Monarch. That being said as antagonists, the Kyo twins are much more detestable (in a good way) and could make the story even more interesting.

Other than that your typical episode with Oshiroi's annoying habits and Sato's affections towards Yarizui and some quite disappointing and blatant fan service using the Kyo twins bath time.

So what will happen in terms of progression


I want to see a visit from the Wizard or some other legendary wolf and I definitely don't want to see any type of training arc as that will just ruin Ben-To. I am looking forward to watching the next episode already but I'm sceptical as to whether it will be as exciting as this weeks one was, but a build up caused by the last 2 episodes not being as exciting might have been a contributing factor.

Also got to add that Oshiroi's little eccentricities have become too old and annoying and this might be coming from an undeserved place but I do wish that she would get into a brawl where she would actually be beaten up.