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Why do rookies always think they know best Is Bakuman hinting at some of Jump's current authors

Whether this is another commentary on some writers or not is hearsay, much like my other theories. One thing is for sure: Nanamine's fall from his pedestal is going to leave him bruised and banged up like you can't imagine.

A rapidly declining popularity is the harsh reality for some series running in Weekly Shonen Jump. For some it starts as early as the first 3 chapters and for others it can happen any time between the firs 15-50 chapters, or even up to the first 100 chapters. It just goes to show, making it in the most popular manga magazine isn't easy.

It's all well and good to be praised as a genius, get a one-shot ranked first and think you're it but it doesn't last. Of course some of it has to do with Ashirogi not being able to loose to a shortcut taking adversary, however there is truth in Bakuman's story.

The unfortunate characters in this episode were Kosugi and Nakai. Aida and Miura's fanboyism continued to show the vanity of some editors, making Aida's slapped face look perfect karma. Kosugi being the unfortunate one, has to watch his senpai's amazing relationship with his authors and face a stubborn Nanamine. Truly the harsh reality for some authors.

Nakai's pain was more comedic. I know I shouldn't have laughed when he saw Aoki and Hiramaru, but it was funny back then (when I read it) and funny now. He's a very sad character, though he isn't off the hook for doing what he did to Aoki. Just another victim of the struggle for manga fame, I find him as character I love to hate and jeer at.

The biggest concern of this episode was without a doubt the insane pacing. This fast-paced downfall is actually following the manga verbatim and isn't glossing over any details. Appropriate seeing as how the fall feels faster than the rise, and is almost unstoppable once you're falling without a parachute.

Bakuman's first antagonist arc feels a little short. As true as this might be, I keep forgetting to readjust my viewing expectations for Bakuman because it's a different type of shonen anime. Most of them are long ongoing series with huge arcs, which isn't the case here.