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This episode was just confirmation of how much I love this series. Maybe because the beginning of the series has proven to be a breakaway from the norm of all other sports anime but I find it to be refreshing especially since I haven't been impressed with anime adaptations of my other favourite sports manga; namely Eyeshield 21 and Slam Dunk.

Of course I didn't like everything in the episode. The whole concept of the transference of emotions/memories of the heart into the transplant patient felt like it kind of killed the story; I just can't get excited about Kakeru developing just because he can now play some incredible football all because of his brothers heart. What's even stranger was the re-appearance of the doctor which we saw in the previous episode, where she had quite a major role in the episode and even this week it felt like she was a very important character.

Nana's being the masked alien Grey was not particularly a shocking revelation in the episode but I was more shocked that she so quickly revealed the information about Kakeru's transplanted heart having been from Suguru. Personally I liked how quickly this crucial bit of information was revealed so quickly since the more clich d way of going about it would have been to have it revealed to Kakeru before a decisive match which would inevitably lead to him struggling and/or losing the match. This way we can expect a better story occurring and don't have to experience over-played episodes such as Kakeru falling out with Nana. Either way since he get's over it rather quickly, it is made to look like a rather insignificant bit of information which is again a nice change from the norm which also allows the story to advance quickly like it has been these past few episodes.

The entrance of Leonardo Silva is also something that was a good touch to bring into the episode - seemingly obvious that he will become a great rival to Kakeru since he used to be Suguru's rival and friend but also because even he has acknowledged Kakeru as the Knight in the Area who has yet to awaked - I was actually more excited because this future rivalry felt like it will take shape in the form of Sena and Panther's rivalry in Eyeshield 21. Right towards the end of the episode, it is revealed to us that Kakeru will now be going to Enoshima High after he graduates, in search of a player whom his brother has recognised as a better passer. Can't wait to see next weeks episode which is still going at an unnervingly fast pace.