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The Arata Naru Sekai multimedia project was announced towards the end of July, and he is the OVA for the future arc.

The project is split in a way that 3 different arcs of the story will be covered by 3 different popular mediums i.e. Mirai-hen by an OVA and the present and past arcs by a light novel and manga. It's because of this that the OVA doesn't make a lot of sense.

Humanity has declined and so this forces some teenagers to go time travelling. Not the most original thought, although I can appreciate the idea and the objective of the time travelling. You can just tell that Arata Naru Sekai OVA can't be enjoyed on it's own. This isn't a problem since the project is a intended to be multimedia. Plot wise there was definite potential. I say potential because it ended up feeling a little like bad occidental romance drama. Not trying to belittle the drama but it just felt like I was watching whiny teens who miss their boyfriends. Maybe it's because of this that I can't remember much else about the OVA.

Aesthetically speaking, it was great. Stunning visuals all the way. The animation was just great and not the typical MADHOUSE stuff you see. It could easily be mistaken for a P.A. Works OVA if P.A. Works did do OVA's that weren't part of an anime series. Essentially the animation went hand in hand with the whole time traveller premise and the distraught future.

That's about all I can say about Arata Naru Sekai. Just because it's meant to be a multimedia project, I won't be passing any more judgement on it until I see some of the manga and/or the light novel. So far, not bad. I'd like to think the Arata Naru Sekai franchise has some potential.