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In an interesting move, the newly formed studio Trigger throw their hat into the Anime Mirai ring.  Boy was I glad they did.

To see Trigger in this year's Anime Mirai is surprising to say the least.  The studio started by ex-Gainax director and genius Hiroyuki Imaishi has only started putting stuff out this year.  Not to mention that their only "series" so far has been the Winter season's low-budget short ONA Inferno Cop.  You'd think they'd have something more important to do than make a 20 minute OVA for Anime Mirai, but I'm not going to complain.

You can tell straight away that these are the former Gainax guys at work.  The animation is identifiable straight away and what's more, it fits the story very well.  And on the topic of the story: it ain't too bad either.  Kind of like a girls-only Harry Potter, with a big focus on the comedy.  It was very enjoyable, and the most different story from this year's Anime Mirai crop; I'll assume Gonzo's entry won't be as original.  To keep things flowing, it was very simple and focused on a treasure hunt - seriously, Harry Potter style - after giving the main girl a little bit of a back story and then giving us action at the end.

It was the right mix of funny, adorable and plain enjoyable.  I can't say much more than that, but I'm sure Little Witch Academia doesn't any more words from me.  The only complaint I would have is directed towards Imaishi-sensei teasing us with a great OVA like this one and not getting work under way for a full-length series.  If this OVA proves anything, it's that we're all waiting impatiently for Trigger to come out with something in the form of a TV series/movie.