I don't how I got the idea to do this kind of post but I figured I'd let the readers of this site get a better idea of what anime and manga I'm reading/watching outside of those currently running or being reviewed.

This is like a collection of my random thoughts more than anything and you might occasionally see something about games, live-actions, light novels, visual novels etc.

Anime - Catching Up With 2012, Getting to the Classics and the noitaminA Goal

  • Ever since I've planned to do a 'Best of' post for the end of the year, I've been catching up on a few series I've missed from the Winter Season. I've started off with Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou and Ano Natsu de Matteru and have plans to watch Another.
  • I recently tried picking up Fate/stay Night since I completed Fate/zero and loved it, but I just didn't have a strong desire to marathon it so I put it on hold after 3 episodes.
  • I'm finally watching Samurai Champloo. I know, I know; how is it possible that I still haven't seen it! Rest assured I'm already half-way through and should complete it soon.
  • On a different catching up goal, I've decided to plough through past noitaminA series. I'm working backwards and have my sights set on UN-GO and Fractale next.

Manga - Drop Off's, Pick Up's and Scanlation Woes

  • I'm really bad at dropping manga (unlike anime) but I've decided to trim the fat and let a few series go. With that decision I ended up dropping Koisome Momiji, Pajama na Kanojo and Boku to Majo no Jikan.
  • I tried getting into Aku no Hana because it's a romance series getting an anime and it runs in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine alongside Sankarea. It left a bad taste in my mouth and I dropped it after 4 chapters.
  • Finally got around to picking up Reborn! and somehow managed to make it past 60 chapters. Now I'm just waiting for the artwork and story to become more serious, though I must admit the gag comedy in the 60 chapters was not bad.
  • Checked out Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun because it's getting an anime. I ended up falling in love with the series and got up-to-date with the scans. I was only meant to check out the first few chapters.....
  • I've decided to stop reading the scans of the Big 3 that appear first. I've decided to wait for Mangastream to scanlate the chapters, since their quality is much higher and their watermark is far less annoying.

Light Novels - Venturing Into Unknown Territory

  • After hearing complaints that the Sword Art Online anime doesn't live up to the light novel, I decided it was time for me to check out if I'd enjoy reading Light Novels. I headed over to Baka-Tsuki and downloaded a few chapters, with the intent to read sometime soon.
  • Whilst at Baka-Tsuki, I decided to read some of the chapters of the Monogatari Series. Bakemonogatari was an easy enough read and I ended up reading 3 chapters without noticing. It was like reading a script for the anime.
  • As well as Bakemonogatari, I downloaded the full text pdf for Kizumonogatari and read the first the chapter. It's style is definitely different to Bakemonogatari's and the chapters are much longer. Let's see how this plays out.
  • I tried to see if they had Spice and Wolf, a series I keep hearing about, but it seems like it's one of the few that's been licensed. After a quick search on Amazon, I saw the novels going for 3-5 pounds, so I might have to buy a volume or two. Also noticed that only 6/17 volumes have been released thus far in English.
  • After all of this I remembered that I still haven't read the Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai light novels that have been sitting on my hard drive for months now. Should probably get on that.

Anime Films - Seriously Need to Diversify

  • With the realisation that the list of anime films I've seen mostly consists of Naruto and Bleach films, I decided I was in need of something new.
  • Ended up getting my hands on Kara no Kyoukai, Break Blade and Mardock Scramble.
  • Also decided I need some more Studio Ghibli in my anime list, so I'm planning to catch up on their movies.

Anime News - Hoping for a Sequel

  • I'm happy that Kuroko no Basket is dominating in DVD sales [the first volume has already sold over 20,000 (read here). Hopefully this guarantees a second season.