For now these are just idea but given the right amount of time and with sintaku and Yachiru possibly making a return to blogging I might actually pursue some of these ideas:

  • Anime Aura "Manga Taisho" Award - There are currently a few manga series I have reviewed which are new and have been placed in the "New Manga in the Spotlight Category" but since there are so many manga out there which are still unknown are good series, I might endeavour to read and recommend a few of those. Anyone familiar with Manga Taisho know's that it's an actual award given to manga which have less than 8 volumes published (winners include Chihayafuru and Gin no Saji), so I'm tempted to use a less than 50 chapter rule should I pursue reviewing a manga in it's early stages every few months or so.
  • More series reviews will come - mostly of anime that aired a year or more ago but this won't affect episodic reviews.
  • Maybe a monthly review covering all anime and manga that I'm currently reading and just a quick update as to whether they have remained interesting or not.