New days, new post about favourite moments in anime. This one goes to a certain romantic evening under the stars between Araragi-kun and Senjougahara-san. Yes it's that one and only - almost literally - moment of romance from that crazy Bakemonogatari.

Episode 12 of Bakemonogatari was probably the nicest surprise of all anime I've seen. Up till that episode, Bakemonogatari was cool and weird and interesting but there weren't many memorable moments. Not in a million years would I have expected such a beautiful moment of romantic development to come at the end. What's more, it was the first true moment for Hitagi x Araragi.

Just watching the more fragile Senjougahara as she puts all her emotions out there was brilliant. At the same time Araragi realises how lucky he is and it all comes down to that one conversation:

"Hey Araragi-kun, do you love me "

"Yes. I love you."

"I love you too Araragi-kun."

"Thank you."

"What about me do you love "

"Everything. There's nothing I don't like about you."

As I understand it, this episode was the last one to air of TV. All the more reason why it was such a good episode; it could have been a finale episode and I wouldn't have had any complaints if they went with that. To do this day, this is one of the best romance episodes ever and one any actual romance series can learn from.

Excuse while I go re-watch this episode for the 5th time today.