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One Piece 660 is a sad episode, seeing a nation come to its knees because one of the former rulers (who became a Celestial Dragon) returns to take it back. Donflamingo is a really annoying guy. I can't believe he could be this bad. I still remember the first time I saw him a couple hundred episodes back and I don't think I ever expected this, to be honest I expected to see more Blackbeard than Donflamingo.

The Fall of King Riku

Donflamingo manipulates the King and his guards using his string-string devil fruit's power, which is quite scary when you think about how it controls people. King Riku seemed like an amazing king, especially being so kind to his people and no wars for centuries? You can't say that is a bad thing! The saddest bit was how his people quickly changed to back the Don Quixote family when King Riku went a bit crazy, well I guess he did slaughter his people but he was doing it under the controlling powers of Donflamingo. I wonder what the people would do if they knew the truth, both that the Don Quixote ruled the country 800+ years ago and that King Riku was controlled by Donflamingo. I wonder if they would back the king to retake the country?

The Toys of Dressrosa

Some of the Toy's are unable to control themselves which leads me to think that Donflamingo's string-string fruit has something to do with it. One of his subordinates must have the power to turn humans into toys, but is Donflamingo really using his string-string devil fruit to control all those toys? If that is the case, then Luffy and the other Straw Hats are really in for a crazy long battle against the Don Quixote family.

I wonder how they are making people and toys forget when someone turns into a toy. There must be a whole army of toys that don't even know they are walking among their allies and friends. Pretty smart for Donflamingo, if they regained their memories they would probably join arms and revolt. Knowing the Soldier Toys plan, it seems like he might very well rally the troops to do just that but will he be able to convince them?

Episode 661 Predictions

The little guys will start heading towards the factory, and Luffy will continue with the tournament. I think Rebecca (King Riku's granddaughter) will end up getting the Flame-Flame Fruit.