log horizon season 2 episode 7

Unfortunately, we missed episode 6 but we are on for episode 7. It was a decent episode with some pre-battle preparation going on. Although a major lack of Shiroe, whom we haven't really since since the deaths of Akatsuki and Shiroe.

No Teachings were Taught

I really thought Akatsuki was going to get some super amazing Teaching ability, but low behold she didn't. Or maybe she did but doesn't know it? Either way it doesn't seem like Teaching abilities can be really learned in an expected way, it seems like people just accidentally gain them in some way.

The Flavor Texts

The flavor texts seem to be a way to make the world harder and more unpredictable. I was thinking that things were pretty simple, until watching this episode. The way the flavor texts are interpreted is interesting:

  • In episode 6, the Scythe had a simple dark text saying it will bring on something bad, which it did. It took Crusty away, and in a bad way since people haven't seen or been able to contact him since then. Hopefully he isn't gone for ever, he probably is taking longer than usual in the plane between returning back to existence (I hope).
  • In this episode, the flavor text is a back story to the former owner of the weapon. And the former owner, who actually was a great hero before being poisoned to death, ends up hating the Daughter of Elm (who killed him). The former owner's spirit is in the blade which the Akihabara murderer owns and uses, and takes over the murderer himself.

The differences between the texts is quite interesting, in one things are more literally and in the other they are loosely connected. I am interested to see how the flavor texts come into play in the future, hopefully there are more flavor texts that are favorable to the adventurers.

The 26 Maidens

I didn't really understand why they sent out 24 female combatants to fight and protect the land. The last two are outside the combat zone, but are part of the combat. Maybe they just wanted a female only battle against a male villain?

Looking forward to next weeks Log Horizon!