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A bit surprising, Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke just went straight into a flashback with no warning. I was really hoping to see what happened next with Andy Hinomiya and Hyoubu Kyouseke but I guess they are delaying things until towards the end of the season and explaining why Hyoubu does what he does with this flashback.

The episode starts by showing us a broken plane and then shows a very young Hyoubu coming back to Japan probably around the time of the first or second world war, the land of his father's. His father had been living in seclusion protecting his son from being used as a weapon, but upon his father's death (which we don't get any information about) he is adopted by his father's friend. Hyoubu Kyousuke's adoptive father is actually a Esper researcher working in league with a special Esper combat unit that is part of the Japanese Armed Forces.

Hyoubu gets very close to Tsubomi Fujiko whom is his new sister, and they pretty much join the Esper unit together and stick together as a team. She looks after him and even gets into trouble protecting him from the police. She isn't the smartest cookie in the jar, but she is very head strong and stubborn to a level. She doesn't seem to be very stubborn with Hyoubu but maybe that is because he pretty much follows her decisions (well not completely but to a certain extent).

The interesting bit is Hyoubu Kyousuke is always writing letters to his "father in the heavens", basically his father has died and he is writing letters to him but what intrigues me is what happened to his father. The Esper unit he joined seemed very sneaky, especially the leader of the team who seems extremely shifty. I feel like they might have had a hand in the death of his father, especially with the lack of information provided on his father's death.

Looking forward to next week's episode, it seems like he might be letting some of his Esper skill show next week. It is interesting seeking Hyoubu Kyousuke being a child and not the powerful person he on the first 6 episodes.