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Zetsuen no Tempest really does take "All is fair in love and war" to next level.

After last week's episode, moving onto the aftermath just heightens the tension and deepens the mystery.  We're continuing on the path to conclusion, and each action from now on bears its own consequences.  It really is a pivotal point in Zetsuen no Tempest's final stretch towards the finish line.

Everything seems to be falling into place.  The only question is, for whom? Could it possibly be Yoshino? Our question mark who actually displayed some emotion this week.  A timely display to keep us guessing about his true intentions.  This continuous ambiguity when it comes to dealing with his character continues to be the driving force of the entire story - not just the mystery.

There was a very sombre atmosphere going in this episode.  A nice accompaniment to the aftermath, and all the revelations.  Certainly fitting for Mahiro and Yoshino's current emotional states.  Both of them have many decisions and moves to make, which will most likely affect the ending of Zetsuen no Tempest.  Speaking of which, Hakaze has also become an important piece in the story.

For me there's still the question of the power influencing her.  It could be either Yoshino or the tree of Genesis, and soon enough we'll find out.  This is the ticking time bomb that'll have a big effect on the story, and now it's been put on the timer.  Her sudden change in attitude could be manipulation or fate.  Which one will it be? The mystery just goes on.  Not just that.  As she said, her actions will prove if this the work of a deity, or something else.  Considering that the one piece that doesn't fit yet is the Ouroborous plaque, there's a gap in our knowledge.

As you can tell, there was a lot of build up in this episode.  With everything set in motion, we'll be moving towards a suspenseful outcome.  For this I have to give Zetsuen no Tempest credit.  It's handling the build-up and developing the mystery much better than it was in the first half.  No more pacing issues, and so much tension as each piece of the puzzle falls into place.