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One things for sure: Zetsuen no Tempest is getting more interesting with each passing episode.

This episode is an interesting case. Not much actually happened in it, but you get the sense that it's being built up. That is the perpetual strength of Zetsuen no Tempest. In doing very little, we're expecting something big to happen and it can most certainly deliver.

It's back to Hamlet and The Tempest this episode. Though that may sound boring, it does go down a different route this time round. Talking about ghosts and whatnot, seems appropriate for more than the obvious reasons. I suspect there could be something to do with Aiko's ghost later on, but I was more interested by the talks of logic. Logic has been a recurring theme in the series when it comes to dealing with Yoshino and Mahiro's character developments.

Zetsuen no Tempest has made good use of the dual protagonist setting. Both Yoshino and Mahiro have progressed as characters, and this episode was just as much about them. Yoshino believes that believing in ghosts will be the downfall of any one (like Hamlet) so he sticks to his logic. Mahiro on the other hand gives off the impression of someone who left some room for the illogical, out of love for his deceased girlfriend. Most definitely he's influenced by Aika once again, and the time they spent together keeps be revisited. It's a continuous ploy to keep us guessing about his true nature and it works.

On the other hand, Zetsuen no Tempest continues to let loose the comedy. Hakaze's romantic comedy reactions and love story have started to lighten the mood for the series. I for one don't consider this a bad thing. Up until the more recent episodes, Zetsuen no Tempest has been very serious. Almost too serious. The comedy isn't over-the-top and it manages to bring something refreshing to the series. Although there have been other comedic moments, like the superhero gimmick in this episode, this one is recurring. To top it off, it's likeable.

Right now, the series is keeping us on our toes. Since we don't know about Yoshino's true self, we are left guessing about the outcome. If that wasn't evident, the reminder of the two different endings of Hamlet and The Tempest take care of that. Hakaze admitting to her feelings will most likely affect the outcome of the story, but most of all, it comes down to the ambiguous Yoshino.

In the next 8 episode, it'll be interesting to see the plot fully unravel.