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If you didn't remember anything about Zetsuen no Tempest that's okay. Why Because we had this very nice recap episode to sum up everything for you.

For those of us who have been (somewhat) paying attention, the first half of the episode was quite boring. in general, I don't like recap episodes whatsoever and usually I don't have to watch a recap episode because they tend to be released separately. Zetsuen no Tempest had other plans for us and that did make sitting through the episode a little taxing.

I'm positive that on its own it is a good episode. Recapping everything through Mahiro's point of view goes quite well with the dual-protagonist setting of the series - Yoshino's perspective is usually used for the narration of the story. Offering a nice change from the norm is good but since Zetsuen no Tempest is dialogue heavy, the effort of watching the episode almost doubles.

In the midst of this episode, I did pick up on the talk about The Tempest. It seems like an obvious thing to put out there, however it does add a little bit of mystery for the ending of the series. Will it end in tragedy or will it be a happy ending - The Tempest was a happy ending and Hamlet was the tragedy, so which of these most resembles this anime

The dream sequence part of the episode was an interesting watch. Again there was an element of a recap going on here, but the fantasy scenario was a nice way to end the entire recap part of the episode. Of course with the recap part of the episode taking up, there was only the bit at the end.

We're introduced to a random guy who thinks he may be the magician of Zetsuen right after Samon asks Mahiro if he could kill Yoshino. Zetsuen no Tempest may have been a little slow with this episode, but at least it progressed the plot a little bit. Now we have to see where it goes in the last 11 episodes.