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Am I a bad person for enjoying the distrust between the two main characters

A dual protagonist setting where the main characters keep each other at arm's length is rare, and it's what keeps me interested in Zetsuen no Tempest. Agendas have been set and each character is out to reach the finish line in their own way.

Yoshino continues to be the more interesting of the duo. He comes off all sweet and lost whenever he's around Mahiro but he's the one work behind the scenes and has the mental strength to pull the trigger when needed. His acting skills and awareness of Mahiro's own agenda make him seem like the bigger bad guy out of the two. Yoshino isn't exactly a saint, but he doesn't appear like the cunning one. Yoshino instead appears like the emotionally driven, thus less rational of the two.

As usual the episode's pace was quite slow and there wasn't much going on. Even at the beginning when we were told a little more about Hakaze's bones, that mystery got dropped almost straight away. Not only did this constitute poor pacing but it was also a fault of poor composition. I would have definitely liked to see this being handled better, because I do know the manga is very much like this. Nonetheless, it ended up feeling dropped after not getting enough attention. On the other hand Junichirou's little scene against Natsumura, left us with a little bit of mystery surrounding his character.

This does mean another episode like this was favoured in building up the relationship of distrust between Mahiro and Yoshino. Not particularly great as we've had plenty of this already and I would like to see more advancement in the plot. Right now, my interest in Zetsuen no Tempest is going down and that's a result of the extremely slow pacing more than anything.

Zetsuen no Tempest is slowly loosing steam. Slowly being the operative word, because the series doesn't accomplish much in its episodes. Now is the time for Zetsuen no Tempest to take control of the pacing and to advance the plot at more exciting rate. The episode was somewhat saved by the ending, which added some more drama.