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Yet another episode of Zetsuen no Tempest that I wasn't expecting.

After nineteen episode, there is one thing that is clear: Zetsuen no Tempest will keep us guessing until the end.  No doubt about it, this has been one of the most unpredictable series last season and this.  Whether it's the change of tone or the characters, it still makes sure to leave multiple options for an ending.

Take this episode.  It went against everything I was expecting and instead ended up being something silly and fun to watch.  In no way is this a bad thing, but I must say it caught me off guard for a variety of reasons.  With my expectations of the final confrontation between Mahiro and Yoshino shattered, I'm left wondering what the final twist of the series is going to be.

From one point of view, Zetsuen no Tempest is a mystery - not just the genre of the series, but it itself is.  As we're constantly reminded, it'll either end up as The Tempest, or Hamlet.  To make the reminders even more memorable, they point out that Yoshino and Mahiro's reunion is straight out of Hamlet yet the tone after the meeting is happy and upbeat like the ending of The Tempest.  I for one don't need any more reminders, but I suppose some people may forget since the last few episodes have been more like a romantic comedy.

Putting aside the reminders, the other parts of this episode were also silly in nature.  Yamamoto's TTGL inspired alien theory just proved how the series just doesn't care about being serious at times.  I'm apprehensive of writing this off as pure gibberish, but at the moment it's nothing more than that.  Though it's doubtful this colourful story will bear any fruit, Zetsuen no Tempest may just pull something crazy out of the bag.

With what could have been a decisive moment in the plot being covered, we're now moving onto the next part. A part that involves Hakaze, Aika and time travel.  This could get even more complex and elaborate than the Samon vs Yoshino battle of the wits, so I suggest people prepare themselves for what's to come.  It looks like the last five episode should deal with all the questions we've had for a while.