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Is this the breather episode

After 7 episodes of unrivalled speed progression, Zetman has decided to have a much, much, much slower episode to calm things down a little - almost like abruptly hitting the brakes after speeding at 100 miles per hour for a while.

So with the events that had transpired it was time to let Kouga in on what has been going on, by telling him about ZET and about the Amagi corporation's responsibility in creating players. How was I not surprised that Kouga's reaction to finding out Jin was ZET was one of pure fanboyism He even went out of his way to show Jin the concept design for ZETMAN's anime........ a moment where I just shook my head in disapproval and just when I was starting to like him.

Moving on from that cringe-worth scene, we get onto Jin and Hanako's romantic development. I didn't really like how the romantic progression between the two has been adapted; the romance aspect of Zetman isn't what I obviously watch it for but the romance element is something that still cannot be done half-assed, which is the feeling I get when I watch any interaction between the two of them and if I had to guess it's probably because of the speed at which the anime has been moving at. Jin and Hanako's sudden decision to try and "do the family thing" was what ended up suffering as a result of the speed, but luckily the two parts of the episode that I mentioned were only a small portion and nowhere near the highlight.

The highlight of the episode was that we finally got to see the plot deepen and more to be revealed, exactly what I was hoping would eventually come from Zetman. Finally some information is revealed about the origin of the name ZET and his creation but the best part was Jin's reunion with his father, which was nothing short of emotional and definitely something that had been neglected by the series. The scene was great and ended with the rather unsurprising revelation that the pendant is the key to transforming into ZET (having been brought up every episode and a comment by H on my last Zetman post even pointed out that it looks similar to the orb in ZET's chest).

Finally a slower and more developed episode from Zetman, but my only fear is that it came a little too late.