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Let there be blood! Zetman is now heading for it's grand finale with just 3 episodes left and things are about to get even messier!

This episode had a lot going on just like the last one but in a different way, with more focus on Kouga and less on everyone else including Jin. I wasn't really pleased that this was another Kouga episode, where he had to yet again be put through a test since he's the pathetic and less developed hero of the series, but the enigma style test he was put through coupled with the scene where the girl informs him that he has yet again failed was done quite well; enough to make me get a little bit more excited about the episode. I will say that the lack of animosity in the scene where the girl is somehow killed (somehow meaning the method was not revealed) was a let down in a way because Zetman has always displayed violence and blood, even if it did feel quite toned down.

This test was better than the previous where he had to choose between his sister and three of his "fans" and even incorporated a return of a character we only saw once before in the series for like 10 seconds; I'm of course talking about Mayu, the girl who asked to shake Kouga's hand in episode 3 and was staring at him ever-so passionately in this episode and whose relevance to the story has yet to be revealed.

While all of this was happening, Konoha was hiding out at Akemi's house (it's been a while since we've seen her and that's a pity) and Jin is entering the scene slowly but surely after a little sex with Honoka. Even though I wasn't really happy with how Jin and Honoka's romance played out, I'm glad that it turned into something that will help Jin from being a completely closed off character and that he's finally able to share happiness with someone no matter how short-lived it may be. Akemi's reintroduction doesn't feel like it's going to have a big bearing on the plot but it was nice to see her after all this time and her being with Konoha as well as Jin being Hanako gave an appropriate feeling of happiness right before we enter the final stretch where there will be an all out battle - kind of like calling your parents and lovedd ones before going to war.

Speaking of the battle, Haitani's plot execution came about the right time (resembling the Jake Martinez one in Tiger & Bunny) and has laid down the setting for ZET and Alphas to take him on. Haitani was made to be the main villain of the series right about the time I stopped thinking that Grandpa Amagi was the one and his control over Jirou was somewhat to be expected due to the fact that he likes having others do his dirty work for him and they're convinced that they are doing this out of their own free will. I will say that Hayami's betrayal was a nice to the story that might be generic but was executed very well - I should have guessed that something might be up seeing as his name does bear resemblance to Haitani's.

The episode came to an end with yet another reason as to why Kouga is still not ready to be a superhero........ That's just plain boring right now and for this I blame the studio for rushing elements of his character development and not making me invested in him. Overall the episode did a good job of setting up the stage for the final episodes of Zetman by giving attention to the relationships and closeness of Jin, Hanako, Akemi and Konoha, whilst giving a little more focus to Kouga's situation. Hopefully now we can have a satisfying final battle and conclusion to the series within the last 3 episodes.