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J.C. Staff brings us Witch Craft Works, a supernatural romance about an average boy and his witch protector.

Not a lot to report on this one.  Honoka Takamiya is an average high school boy who just so happens to sit next to the most popular girl in the school, Ayaka Kagari.  He’s attacked after school one day and who should come to his rescue but the Princess herself, Kagari, who turns out to be a Fire Witch.  It’s her duty to protect Takamiya (although we don’t know why yet, as she hasn’t really said other than claiming that he’s her “princess” and “master”).

And protection is something he needs in spades, as he’s attacked the next day by a cat-eared witch named Tanpopo Kuraishi with an army of robotic rabbits.  She’s intent on kidnapping Takamiya for the Witches of the Tower, but fails when Kagari saves him yet again.  When five transfer students show up, all witches and one of them Kuraishi herself, Takamiya opts to stick by Kagari for safety’s sake.

Witch Craft Works seems like your typical supernatural seinen harem.  The main character seems to be the only notable male character (at least up until this point) surrounded by plenty of female characters vying for his attention.  In fact, this anime seems in many ways very similar to Date A Live that aired in Spring 2013, just with fewer ecchi moments (so far).  We’ve got an oblivious main male character at the center of some kind of struggle between different factions of female supernatural beings, just like Shido Itsuka.  I do hope the plot deviates at least a little bit from that so we have something slightly original to watch here.

I’m on the fence at this point about whether or not Witch Craft Works will be a worthwhile anime to stick with this season.  The first episode is pretty typical, as I’ve mentioned, and there’s really nothing huge as of yet to keep me super interested.  The only truly interesting point so far is why Kagari is calling Takamiya her “princess” and why he’s important to her.  If nothing else, I may keep watching simply to receive that answer.

Witch Craft Works Episode 2 Preview

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Witch Craft Works OP

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Witch Craft Works ED

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