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No matter how crazy things got, Valvrave the Liberator had room for a little more.  That said, I was expecting something a lot crazier for the final two episodes.

Don't get me wrong, there was plenty of stupid, crazy stuff to go around.  Marriage proposals, a new pilot tormented by a past of extreme bullying, an L-Elf 2.0 (Cain) and a mysterious intergalactic organisation calling themselves Magius gave us plenty to laugh at.  Even so, none of that seemed to feel adequate as the follow-up to episode ten's disturbing ending.  An event that seems to have been put on hold for the time being, much to my intrigue.

That's the odd thing about Valvrave the Liberator; for a series like this, there's so decent mystery build-up.  Build-up, not plot but that doesn't matter so much since every episode brings with it more questions to be answered.  Of course the plot developments make it a somewhat bizarre advantage for the series to have, but not a bad one by any means.  Now that we're taking a break, it becomes even more effective since it keeps us in the dark for a little while longer.
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Going back to the two episode at hand, I think its safe to say they served their purpose rather well.  With Valvrave's second cour coming out in the Fall 2013 season, it was important for the episodes to give us something to look forward to.  Say what you will about the introduction of Magius, it has been in the works for quite some time and wasn't plucked out of thin air.  Hints have been dropped here and there, and now the series capitalised on its untouched crazy plot.

The best decision in my eyes was keeping the romance alive by having Saki quash the marriage proposal.  Aside from not upsetting Shoko fans, it didn't give rise to an unsettling romance between Saki and Haruto.  I may be saying this because I don't care much for Saki, but the romantic aspect of the plot has become a big part of the series.

So what can we expect next? Well for one, there's the fight against Magius.  Cain mentioned something about generations, which will undoubtedly come into play.  Then there's the romance that keeps developing into something more and more complex.  Apart from that, it's safe to assume season two will be a more active story and serve a different goal from season one.

So until Fall, enjoy your break from the batshit anime that was Valvrave the Liberator.

Valvrave Season 2 Preview

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