Valvrave The Liberator – 10

Love, Elections, and Rape? How does Valvrave keep one-upping the craziness?

As I found the time to catch up on the latest batch of episodes, it shouldn’t have come as such a surprise that Valvrave took another step towards…..drama?  The series has had its fair share of ups and downs, though none have been as badly planned as the most recent development at the end of the episode.

Before we get to that, we should at least consider the main body of the episode.  An episode that took a break from a skirmish, in favour of bringing the slice-of-life drama to the our attention.  With this came the obvious Saki-Shouko romantic race – session for debate is now open for all shipping fans – and as uninteresting as it is, it was a fine change of tone.  Mecha series have a slice-of-life element to them, intended to compliment the series.  In  that case, Valvrave‘s accompaniment of over-dramatic plot and characters fits the tone.

Shoko being Shoko and some longing from Saki aside, there’s not much to say about most of the episode.  Nothing notable or out of the blue, though Marie getting a few more lines didn’t go unnoticed by me.  It did nothing for the quiet eccentric, but I remain hopeful she’ll be brought into the story a little more along with a few others.  Even less noticeably was how we were informed of the Dorssian civil dispute arising from the coup d’etat, implying we’re in for more dramatic plot twists, more likely to come next season.  I doubt there two remaining episodes will get into great detail of that, seeing as how the ending has left plenty to be covered.

Now about the ending; it crossed a line for me.  I’ve never considered Valvrave the Liberator a decently written series, but I did give it the benefit of the doubt at times.  Things got silly more than once, however it never got to the point when an attempt at serious drama could feel so out of place.  Without going into detail I’ll say this; Shouko deserves better.  More from Saki than Haruto, but most of all from the rather clichéd way she’s getting shafted.

I’ll leave it at that.  Valvrave has two more episodes for its first cour and my guess is that it’ll be aiming for a flashy, dramatic cliffhanger ending.  After this episode, I don’t think anything is off the table.

  • Chevalier

    I don't think there's anything wrong with THE SCENE in question from a writing perspective.

    It's just tasteless, but not flawed considering both the apparent causes and the direct/indirect foreshadowing.

    I can understand feeling offended by it, mind you. I didn't like it myself.

  • gedata

    THe problem with rape scene for me wasn't whether or not it was tasteless, but I don't give a flying f*** about what happened or the characters in question.

  • adamevea

    Firstly …yes, i agree, it was off the wall, a real fugue. Similar to School Days but not quite as bad. That being said, there is an air of distracted absent mindedness about this series, the writing and plot are…odd to say the least. In a way, it is somewhat good at times, and the premiss of the kids taking over the running of the satelite world is a good one, and quite creative. But….frankly the story and the plot does not hold together well enough to live up to the possibilities. And the use of such a dramatic and aggressive insertion of intimacy violation forced relation was a sad surrender when some careful plot and character management would have done just as well and in fact been much better. It was heavy handed and showed, well, that Yes, they CAN do sudden shifts here, but it didnt make much sense. Yes, we get it that he is under the pressure of his special role, and it IS a curse and his actions this week, and the surprise popping of the "question" to come sort of softens THE event, but it made the series quite unstable in a way.

    Maybe this is ok with modern viewers, i am not sure. I suppose we may get another season, for this will certainly get attention and it may make it hard for the producers to back away from it, and NOT support another season. In the end i have a feeling that no relationships are going to be stable in this series, until maybe the very end. …similar to what they did with Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next, and Sena….we will see. I think you handled this troubling episode well in your review. Well done. Not so well done, director and writers of the series. Lets hope you can make some amends to us next week for the finale.