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So.....Idol ambitions trump group survival?

The latest addition to Valvrave the Liberator's over-the-top, ridiculous plot involves an ex-idol with a desire for worldwide fame.  Inevitably lessons in humility had to be taught, things got cheesy and of course no episode(s) of Vavlrave would be complete without some type of gimmick.

Saki Rukino took the stage for these two episodes.  A character who appeared to be interested in Haruto, quickly became a bratty attention whore with an issue of trust.  All things considered, it was quite impressive how quickly she became a detestable character after lying low for the first quarter of the season.  Sure her ascent into crazed stardom came in episode six, but there was some gradual build-up in episode five as she confronted and bitchslapped Takahi.

Going back to episode five; things got heated quickly.  The ill-planned secession was bound to bring up a lot of issues, especially after the honeymoon period of running around without any adult supervision.  Kids get bored quite easily and when they do, they turn on each other - classic Lord of The Flies ending to any story that begins with kids taking the reigns.   None of this came as a surprise.  What did come as a surprise was the group song and one last event.

Let's just say, singing was not unexpected, which proves how ridiculous Valvrave the Liberator can get.  The series has been campy from the get-go, so seeing singing and dancing felt almost too natural.  As for the kiss, the possibilities quickly dissipated after episode six - quite disappointing.

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Episode six is when Saki went to the extremes.  After an episode where she came off as a potential love rival, she quickly threw that away in favour of becoming an international superstar.  Coincidentally, this is where she became quite the nuisance.  Even so, it wasn't as out there as usual.

For all the craziness Valvrave the Liberator has to offer, not much happened in the episode that could be considered noteworthy.  Yes Saki became quite a ridiculous character and yes that meant a new Valvrave pilot has appeared but beyond that, not much else.

The only other thing that comes to mind was A-drei's request for L-elf to die for the sake of their friendship.  A little unreasonable, but then again the Dorssians are far from the happy-go-lucky revolutionaries fighting for freedom.  My guess is that A-drei made that statement because Dorssia is about to start making their move.  I for one can't wait to see how much more ridiculous things are about to get.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 7 Preview

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