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Tengu, tanuki and humans all came together to give us Uchouten Kazoku.  A supernatural slice-of-life with so much mystery behind it.

In my summer preview, I stated that I was due a P.A. Works anime I could love.  My relationship with the studio has been mostly of frustration yet I have remained hopeful for a series I could enjoy more than usual.  At the risk of jinxing this on the first episode, I'm starting to believe my wish is being fulfilled.

Uchouten Kazoku's first episode wasn't eventful, but it did its job extraordinarily well.  It introduced us to the three groups of Kyoto inhabitants - tengu, tanuki and humans - and at the same time gave us a basis for the relationships between the groups.  Between Yasaburo (tanunki), Benten (human) and the old man (tengu), we're left wondering why the relationship between each of them is the way it is.  We're left a hint at the beginning of the episode concerning the power balance and later with encounters between all of them.  Much is to be explained and by the looks of it, this will be a main part of Uchouten Kazoku's story.

As for what the main plot will be, is unclear.  Like I said, not much actually took place in the episode except for the introduction of the characters and a bit of their backgrounds.  What's in store for us is unknown, and even the plot synopsis you can find online is vague at best.  To have this uncertainty in the first episode is not bad since it adds to the mystery of the series, more when you factor in what we saw in the episode between the characters.

Now that we've covered the substance, a few words should be said about the style.  What could I say other than how beautiful the animation and soundtrack are.  For the animation, a bright palette of colours and exceptional detail in backgrounds.  Accompanied by a light set of background music, which brings out the supernatural feel of the series, we have a match made in harmony.  A very good combination of aesthetics that fit the series to a T and are more than enough eye and ear candy, for the more shallow viewer.

Very early days, but I'm prepared to express my excitement for what Uchouten Kazoku has to offer.  With beautiful animation and a well-written first episode, there's a lot of ways the series can turn out and that only adds to the excitement.  So many possibilities which, hopefully P.A. Works will deliver.

Uchouten Kazoku OP

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Uchouten Kazoku ED

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Uchouten Kazoku Episode 2 Preview

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