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Well well what to we have here A rival Surely not.

There really wasn't much going on this episode of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, which I believe is the first time that's happened with the series so far. You have to understand that prior to watching this episode I watched the recent episodes of Sukitte Ii na yo and Magi, both of which had their own unique pacing and that is how the subject has been on my mind all day.

No pacing issues here, just not many developments to speak of. Yuzan's appearance is yet another one that rattles Haru but at the same time acts as a catalyst for his and Shizuku's relationship. It's funny that for this relationship to make significant strides and a little childish. Haru is yet another shojo male lead with his own first world problems when it comes to family (big surprise) and Yuzan is that constant reminder........Where have I encountered this before Don't even want to answer that.

So we've now got more shojo stereotypes however the relationship between Haru and Shizuku remains a mystery. This is really taking the will they/won't they to a whole new level and whilst it may annoy some, I quite like it. As opposed to simply getting together, Shizuku and Haru are getting closer to each other by finding out more about one another. I must admit that because I'm enjoying the red faces so much, I'm in no hurry to see this end and for them to finally get together.

Not much from Haru and Shizuku, but whose that young megane shojo It looks like she's a love rival and not a typical one either. Usually, love rivals in shojo romances are the more obvious beauties with bubbly personalities or at least a history with the male lead. Now given that our male lead has no friends and has the entire student body scared stiff, a shy class rep just seemed like a much better fit.

For all you seiyuu fans, this is the role played by Hanazawa Kana and it's an interesting role. Chizuru relates to Haru a lot more than Shizuku, so you'd imagine there will be some jealousy. That said, I doubt Haru would do anything because he can't even verify his feelings about Shizuku yet. This is sure to get things interesting and in contrast to Sukitte Ii na yo's most recent episodes, Chizuru is a love rival you like and may want to cheer for.

Final Note: That Omake at the end of the episode after the ED and before the next episode preview was amazing.