Best Anime of 2012 Part III – A Year In Review

Best Anime of 2012 Banner

Here's the final review on the best anime of 2012. I've already posted my top 12 TV series and my top 10 OVA's & Movies and now I thought I'd give a more comprehensive overview of anime that aired in 2012.The review will start off with a retrospective look back at the seasons, then I'll move onto talking about the best anime by genre, production value and a few other … [Read more...]

Preview of Summer 2012

Dog Days 2

NOTE: This post will remain sticky for quite some time.I know it's still a little early but with my exams coming up figured I would post the Summer Preview in advance and then make adjustments to it as necessary. I'm saddened by the fact that the spring season is almost halfway through and looking ahead to the summer I can honestly say that I'm not going to enjoy it as … [Read more...]

Other Manga/Anime News – #4 (2012)

Weekly Shonen Jump's April Manga Volume Covers

So with the insane surge of news regarding anime and manga, I'm going to first give a qucik overview of some new facts then discuss some of the news regarding live-action adaptations and finally go over this year's noitaminA anime, which have now been confirmed. Along with some info and my views on the noitamina anime, I've included some PV's. Quick Updates 1. Results for … [Read more...]