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Sword Art Online Season 2 is the second season of the fantasy trapped-in-a-RPG-game anime, however the twist is that  this one isn't so much RPG but actually more cyberpunk and FPS. I decided to pick it up as I had already seen Season 1 and actually liked it quite a bit, SAO Seaon 1 actually reminds me of Log Horizon.

What? Another Season of Sword Art Online?

A second season of this anime was not something I was expecting, I felt the anime ended at the end of the first season. Much to my surprise I saw this name pop-up on the feed, so since I've watched Season 1 I thought I'd give this a go. This season felt a lot darker than the first one, and felt more like a different anime in some senses.

SAO1 versus SOA2

Sword Art Online Season 2 focuses on Kirito (the main character from SOA1), but also focuses on Sinon rather than Asuna. All the other SOA1 characters are pretty much taking minor roles in SOA2, which is saddening as I had grown to love some of them. Sword Art Online 2 (SOA2) is set in the a world called Gun Gale Online (GGO), well it doesn't exactly start in GGO but leads towards it. GGO is very different from SOA, it basically is all about guns and skill rather than the fantasy element of SOA1. It is interesting to see how they things have changed between the two seasons of SOA. However, I felt that SOA2 should have been set in a fantasy timeline. Why are they calling it SOA when it isn't much about SOA anymore? Heck they only mention Sword Art Online once in the first ten episodes!

They brought Laughing Coffin back...

The whole story of SOA2 is about Laughing Coffin, which were only a small part of SOA1. Somehow one of the members has found a way to kill someone online (a bit similar to how everyone died on SOA1 when killed, but in this case only with one person has this power). There seems to be a connection between Sinon and the Death Gun (the guy killing everyone), which I noticed due to him using the gun that Sinon used when she killed a robber, however this could all be me linking up dots that don't really link up.

What do I expect next?

I think Kirito will kill the Death Gun person, and then there will be a double love interest with Asuna x Kirito and Sinon x Kirito. Or maybe there are more than one Laughing Coffin members playing GGO? I am semi interested and semi not, although I will watch it due to me enjoyment of the first season of Sword Art Online.