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Well that wasn't original.

Originality in a shojo romance series nowadays seems like a far-fetched idea. However, that should be no reason to stop anyone's enjoyment of Yamato's slap in the face. We'll talk about that later, for now let's look at the rest of this episode.

Honestly, it was nice. There wasn't anything memorable about it, but it certainly wasn't horrible. Just as I mentioned lack of originality in shojo romance series, Sukitte Ii na yo. falls into that trap without it really being its fault. One thing I will say: there was a disconnect in the events that happened.

Understandably having only 13 episodes is a harsh restriction, and that's how episodes like this come about. There was focus on Yamato and Mei, Megumi, Kai etc. all together, too much. Individually, all the scenes were fine and even cute.

Speaking of cute, that's exactly the word I'd use to describe the scene with Yamato and Mei's mother. Somewhat of a "crowd pleaser" moment, it was one of the more memorable moments of the episode. Maybe it's memorability had more to do with it being the scene that followed a display of aggressive foreplay from Yamato. Personally, I didn't really care about it - I'm sure that uproar from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun may spill over - because Sukitte Ii na yo. has been very realistic as a high school romance. Guys want to have sex.....big surprise there.

While all of this was happening, Megumi has been sulking away and may have a co-conspirator/stalker. For once I felt sorry for her because she came across as vulnerable, but with the way things are going you can just tell she'll try something with Yamato once again. Certainly after Kai dropped the bomb on Yamato.

I know I shouldn't like that moment, but I loved watching that expression on his face. There'll probably be some emotional issues from the past being brought up and you can foretell this being a final obstacle in Sukitte Ii na yo. I do think that the rest of the plot feel too predictable with what has happened, however it's all about execution. Sukitte Ii na yo. is just pleasant. The series doesn't give off the vibe of any further improvement which is fine, and as we enter the home stretch, all that's left is to enjoy.