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I don't know how I feel about this episode of Kimi ni Todoke I mean Sukitte Ii na yo. Well that makes sense why I don't know how I feel about it.

Unfortunately, with her relationship with Yamato progressing and the introduction of Megumi, Mei has been reduced to a much weaker heroine. She's baking cookies, she's become a lot more insecure and so on. I say unfortunately only because she's been a bastion of strength thus far, but seeing her undergo this transformation can't be all bad.

Yamato was a little disappointing. When he first turned down Megumi in such a blunt way I liked him. Then he went ahead and played the part of a naive kind guy. I really don't like naive male leads in shonen romances, yet alone a naive lead in a shojo romance. Yamato doesn't make me want to root for him whatsoever, though that has more to do with my hatred of naivety from a male lead in a romance series.

At least now there is a rival for Mei. Megumi is the true rival in love, unlike Aiko. She falls into that familiar clich of the bitch who puts on a very friendly front in order to steal the boyfriend from right underneath the girlfriend's nose. In any case her being in the story probably means more moments of insecurity for Mei in the long run. I definitely don't think Megumi is content with just being friends, and she gives off that feeling of being sneaky.

It looks like we'll be entertaining a love rivalry and potentially more naivety from Yamato for the next few episodes. A good thing to see the relationship being tested after the ease of it's arrival. My biggest concern is that Sukitte Ii na yo is venturing into Kimi ni Todoke waters and that's too familiar.