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There is no doubt that Sukitte Ii na yo is just another romance series, but you know what Its growing on me.

If asked what's good about the series, I could only really think of one thing: delivery. Quite simply any romance series nowadays have a less than 1% chance of being original - every possible scenario has been seen - so in order to stand out, they need great execution. Sukitte Ii na yo doesn't necessarily have good execution but it's at the very least decent.

The progression of the romance does seem a little fast-paced for me, but thinking about this season I may have to reconsider my definition of fast-paced when it comes to romance anime. I certainly didn't think it was very shojo generic that a couple was formed even though the girl initially liked the male lead nor did I find it very shojo that the heroine was the one to run to the loved one, though that isn't a complaint on my behalf.

Let's face it, Japanese romance series tend to be either extremely exaggerated or somewhat believable. The most famous shojo in the last few years Kimi ni Todoke was exaggerated to a point, and Sukitte Ii na yo happens to fall into the more believable category. Its believability is a selling point of the series, separating it from the more frustrating romances but its not the main reason I'll continue watching it.

This episode gave off a lot of sentimental emotions and all that crap that I don't care much for, but it did it properly. I didn't really start caring for the main couple but I enjoyed how the side characters ended up affecting the main characters. Sure this is yet another normal thing to see in a shojo romance and the issue of the side characters felt oh so dull however I still liked it. Mei and Yamato's relationship isn't getting me invested like the one between Haru and Shizuku from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun but its giving expectations of something different to come.

Whether the story will remain interesting after the main couple have pretty much hooked up is still unknown. It's different so it could be good or it could be as bad or worse than the "will they/won't they" shojo plot we all know and grow impatient of.

At the end of the day, Sukitte Ii na yo is progressing just fine. It isn't the most exciting anime this season, nevertheless it's pleasant to watch.