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We're now at the halfway mark for Suisei no Gargantia, and the pace has yet to change.  Both a blessing and a curse.

It's impressive to say the least that series like Gargantia has refused to pick up the pace, right through its first half.  We've witnessed the series not changing its pace in the slightest, and taking all the time in the world to accomplish its goals, whatever they might be.  The big problem with this, is that 12 episodes just doesn't seem like enough.  For the pacing, this is definitely not a 12 episode anime and that's what worries me a little.  Not enough to anticipate imminent failures but enough to make me conscious of potential shortcomings in future episodes.  Enough about that, let's look at the most recent episode.

Still all about the slice-of-life in Gargantia, which makes it such a pleasant watch.  Ledo is slowly moving towards accepting life on the Gargantia as he looks for gainful employment and learns about the uses of money.  After four episodes - episode five can be excluded - we're finally seeing some changes in Ledo, beyond his simple education.  He's moving away from being the outsider to a useful visitor and in the process, he's developing in more ways than one.

In particular, Ledo's relationship with Amy is really taking off.  It's been developing at a slow pace and so far its been suggested but not explored as a serious development in the story.  This episode we witness the realization Ledo is coming to - he may have already arrived - about his feelings for Amy and possibly more.  He's still learning about non-military life, so there's still plenty of time left and even at the slow pace of progression, we're still seeing some understated developments taking place.  A belly dance may not have been necessary, but I'm sure a lot of you out there enjoyed it - it added a little something to romance as well.

With all the slice-of-life developments, it was only a matter of time before focus started shifting to something else. Namely, I'm talking about the appearance of the Hideauze in the episode, which raises a lot of questions without trying.  Because our knowledge of the creatures and most things space related is slim, we can't guess what this brings with t.  Ledo has mentioned the hideauze before and that's about it when it comes to them.

Whatever may come from this development, at least it brings with it some change to Gargantia.  Seeing as how we've spent more than enough time on the non-sci-fi part of the plot, getting some attention there wouldn't be the worst thing.  At least we'll finally learn more about the Hideauze.