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The latest story arc of Strike the Blood introduces Kojou’s childhood friend, Yuuma Yokoyogi, just in time for the Halloween Festa.

Episode 13

Halloween doesn’t just bring the festival to Itogami Island, though.  It also brings a pair of witches, the Meyer Sisters, the Witches of Ashdown, who are Class 1 criminal magicians from the Library.  It’s about time we get some witches in the mix, if you ask me, what with there being vampires and demons and, heck, even angels running around in this show.  We don’t get a ton of background on these witches other than the fact that they’re pretty darn strong and able to breach the city’s defenses pretty easily.

The arrival of these witches brings distortions around the city that cause everything from traffic disturbances to teleportations when the main characters step through doorways.  And amidst all of these issues, Kojou’s childhood friend Yuuma shows up to visit, adding yet another girl to Kojou’s growing harem.  This, of course, leads to awkward scenes revolving around tsundere Yukina being jealous of Kojou’s friendship with Yuuma, deredere Yuuma showing perhaps a bit too much attention to Kojou, and Kojou teleporting into a bathroom while Astarte and Kanon are bathing.

The most awkward thing, though, is that when Kojou is kissed by yet another girl, this time his childhood friend, he blacks out and wakes up in her body!

Episode 14

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And, of course, Kojou being in a girl’s body leads to even more ecchi scenes than normal, which is actually saying something for this show.

Of course, the big question of this episode is what exactly what Yuuma wants with Kojou’s body.  It turns out that she’s the daughter of the Witch of Notaria, who is imprisoned on Itogami Island for some reason.  The Witch of Notaria is a criminal from a decade or so before, although there’s no explanation yet as to what exactly she did to get imprisoned.  Yuuma, a witch herself, needs Kojou’s body in order to free her mother.

The Witches of Ashdown seem to be related to this whole scheme, as well, although it’s not yet clear what they gain from opening the prison barrier on the island.  Perhaps if we knew more about the Library, it would be clearer what they could gain from it.  With two episodes of this story arc left, it should be interesting to see where this all goes, and see if Yuuma remains friends with Kojou after this entire scheme.

Strike the Blood OP 2

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Strike the Blood ED 2

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Strike the Blood Episode 15 Preview

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