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Yukina and Kojou are still trapped on Magus Craft’s deserted island in the latest episode of Strike the Blood, and things get intense when Kensei Kanase shows up.

While still stuck on the island, Kojou and Yukina are attacked by a platoon of automatons from Magus Craft.  Fortunately, they’re rescued by La Folia Rihavein, eldest princess of Aldegyr, herself.  She uses a weapon Yukina calls a curse gun to take out all the automatons in two shots.

What’s interesting is that La Folia apparently knows Kojou, although he doesn’t seem to know her.  She also appears to be familiar with Kojou’s predecessor, Avrora Florestina, and her Familiars, evident when she comments on Kojou’s control of Regulus Aurum.  This episode doesn’t explain how La Folia is so familiar with Kojou and his Familiars, but I’m sure we’ll find out more about that in the next episode.  At least, I hope we will.

Shifting gears a bit, Kensei Kanase seems to be the typical scientist focused more on his career than on his (adopted) child.  He has made Kanon into an artificial angel, or Angel Faux, with the goal that she will be reborn as a higher being.  There are obviously huge downsides to this, the major one in this case being that he can’t control Kanon anymore now that she’s reached such a high level due to defeating so many of her own kind.  I’m not sure how he plans to sell her as a weapon when she’s uncontrollable; he compares her to a bomb, but generally you want to have control of a bomb to some extent, right?

Apparently, Kanon is actually La Folia’s aunt; she’s the illegitimate daughter of La Folia’s grandfather.  So she has royal blood, which is largely why Kensei decided to use her for this experiment, which is actually a magic ritual, as he was a royal court mage in Aldegyr.  That’s interesting.

Kensei and the vampire and demon with him want Kanon to fight Kojou and defeat him because it will be a good sales gimmick for her to beat the most powerful vampire in the world, the Fourth Progenitor.  And it looks like she may have done it; one of her energy beams pierces Kojou and he’s unresponsive.  I’m sure he’s going to come back to life or whatever in the next episode, but that doesn’t make it any less intense that Kanon was able to stop him with literally a single blow.

Strike the Blood Episode 12 Preview

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