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The latest episode of Strike the Blood introduces plenty of new questions as events surrounding Kanon Kanase begin to unfold.

It seems interesting that Natsuki calls Kojou out to take care of stopping and capturing the Mask Possession people causing problems on Itogami Island.  It’s a bit strange, actually, because she normally wants him to keep out of attack mage business.  This time, though, she specifically calls him out to deal with a problem that could potentially be dangerous to him.

The Mask Possession people seem to be angels wearing masks to hide their identities.  This is pretty much confirmed when Kanon’s mask breaks off and Kojou and Yukina see her face.  Things get incredibly violent when Kanon defeats her opponent, another Mask Possession angel, and commences ripping her to shreds and basically eating off her face.  This, of course, brings up a couple of questions: why exactly do the two of them fight?  Why does the victor kill the loser?  It’s pretty obvious that Kanon doesn’t like doing this stuff, based on the fact that she’s crying when she leaves the scene.  But does that mean she’s conscious of what happens, but can’t control herself?

After this whole incident, Kojou and Yukina go looking for Kanon to talk to her about it, and are taken to a deserted island on orders from Kanon’s father’s secretary.  The island is owned by Magus Craft, the company Mr. Kanase works for.  Of course, we don’t really know yet why Kojou and Yukina are taken there and subsequently stranded there.

It turns out Sayaka originally came to Itogami Island in order to guard a princess of Aldgyr: Her Highness La Folia Rihavein.  The princess “went missing” before Sayaka got there, apparently.  And La Folia Rihavein wants to meet Kanon for some reason.  If this princess is the girl Kojou spies bathing at the end of this episode, she looks awfully similar to Kanon.  Could that have something to do with why she wants to meet Kanon?  What’s the connection between them?  We’ve definitely got some interesting answers to look forward to!

Strike the Blood Episode 11 Preview

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