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The latest episode of Strike the Blood introduces new characters and new plot points, including a terrorist organization.

First we have Kirasaka Sayaka, a War Dancer for the Lion King Organization.  War Dancers apparently specialize in hexes and assassination, which definitely points to her being the one who tried to kill Kojou last episode, in case we weren’t already sure of that.  She’s Yukina’s friend and potentially has a crush on her.

Strike the Blood would probably be better without the constant attempts to put Kojou in compromising situations with girls around him.  This is definitely one of those cases when I wish ecchi wasn’t a genre of anime.  I mean, this show could be really amazing without all the panty shots and compromising situations shoehorned in.

Ecchi aside, plot development occurs as we get some explanation of what Nalakuvera is: basically a dangerous weapon that can destroy civilizations.  And the Black Death Emperor Faction wants to get their hands on it.  But seriously, how is Natsuki totally fine with it being stolen?  Regardless of the fact that no one has been able to decipher its instructions before this point, that doesn’t mean no one ever will, right?  Pretty sure that’s what Asagi was deciphering in this episode, at any rate.

It turns out Dimitrie Vatler is pretty dangerous, as he’s “devoured” two high-ranking, second-generation vampire elders in the past.  That would probably be why he was so sure of himself in this episode when talking about how powerful his Familiars are.  Did he gain some of them from previous vampire elders he’s killed?

So…can Motoki magically hear anything through those headphones of his?  I really want to understand what’s going on with him.  I hope we get some insight soon into what he’s up to, whose side he’s on, what his goal is.  Is there a reason he’s trying to get Asagi and Kojou together?  Is there some kind of ulterior motive?  Or is he just a good friend?

I wonder if Kojou is just going to lose control of one of his Familiars again in the next episode because of Sayaka’s attack on him, or if perhaps Asagi’s presence there will give him a reason to try harder to keep it in check.  Definitely looking forward to the next episode!

Strike the Blood Episode 7 Preview

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