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This episode of Strike the Blood introduces a couple of new characters and brings up even more questions.

So because Kojou and Nagisa seem to live alone, I was under the impression that they were like most main characters of anime and were orphans.  But this episode reveals that they have a mother (although she hasn’t quite been introduced yet).  I wonder if Kojou’s mother knows that he’s the Fourth Progenitor now?

It looks like Astarte is working with the attack mages of Itogami Island, now.  There isn’t really any explanation as to why she’s working with them, but she seems to be pretty helpful to them.  And Natsuki seems to like having her around, given the amount of praise she gives the homunculus.  A lot of questions arise in that particular scene: who is Christoph Gardos?  What the heck is Nalakuvera?

Questions aside, I thought the fact that Kojou controlled 12 familiars was a big deal.  But hearing about the First Progenitor, who controls 72 familiars, definitely makes me rethink that.  How the heck would you even keep them straight?  This also makes me think about the fact that, in legend, Solomon had 72 Pillars.  I wonder if the First Progenitor is supposed to have anything to do with Solomon?

Does anyone else find it kind of fishy that the Lion King Organization keeps sending things to Yukina right when she needs them?  Especially in this episode with the dress, which she didn’t even know she needed until she and Kojou were on the elevator up to their apartment.  I mean...how do they always know?  Are they keeping tabs on her like she keeps tabs on Kojou?

I’m not sure yet what to think of this Dimitrie Vatler guy.  He seems sort of strange.  It’s pretty obvious, too, that he’s hanging out with the girl with the magical bow and arrows from the opening that we haven’t officially met yet.  The same girl who very obviously attacked Kojou at school in this episode.  Does that mean the other Progenitors want to get rid of Kojou as much as some humans seem to want to?

Strike the Blood Episode 6 Preview

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