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Why is the Fourth Progenitor important?  For political reasons, of course: he has the potential to threaten the balance between humans and vampires.

This episode of Strike the Blood kicks off by showing us how and why Yukina got the assignment to observe the Fourth Progenitor.  We get a little bit of background on the political situation (the three rulers of the human world to stand in counterpoint to the three Progenitors) and an explanation of the Fourth Progenitor’s importance in relation to it.  My question in regard to all of this is whether or not Kojou knows how and why he’s so important as the Fourth Progenitor.

There’s a good balance between the slice-of-life aspects and the fantasy aspects of this series.  We get to see how Kojou and Yukina play off of each other in their everyday lives, which then establishes that they will fight for each other, a fact that the end of this episode begins to show.  I admit, I previously thought that this series would be all about Yukina fighting all the time while Kojou sat on the sidelines watching, but I’m glad that isn’t the case.  Anime in which the characters work together to accomplish goals and vanquish foes really are the best.

We meet a couple more characters in this episode who are worth mentioning.  Kojou’s sister, Nagisa, is Yukina’s classmate, a cheerful girl who speaks her mind.  Natsuki Minamiya is Kojou’s English teacher, and also happens to be an active attack mage.  She knows that Kojou is the Fourth Progenitor, and distrusts the Lion King Organization and anyone who works for them.  And finally, the creepy guy from the very end of the previous episode is “Combat Deacon Rudolf Eustach of Lotharingia, an exorcist from the West European Church who needs to gather a lot of magical power in order to accomplish his goal, whatever it is.

Here’s looking forward to the next episode and seeing what happens when Kojou loses control of his power which he’s already admitted is too much for him.

Strike the Blood OP

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Strike the Blood ED

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Strike the Blood Episode 3 Preview

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