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Finally Shin Sekai Yori is back to normal!

After a good 3-4 episodes of what can only be described as dreck, the series is finally back to being interesting. How did it do it By focusing on just one element and doing it well! Just what I was hoping for since the previous episode.

Mystery-horror is what we get in this episode and that makes me very happy because Shin Sekai Yori initially drew me in with its dark mystery plot and that's what keeps me watching this series. There was a lot going on in the episode to do with the plot and creating more suspense and it was done well. Especially since the mystery surrounding the world has been a central part of the story thus far.

The mystery is a struggle. Let me rephrase that: it's a struggle for the characters. Saki and her friends are desperately trying to figure out the mystery behind the missing children and they're no closer to doing so. It also gets deeper as we find out more and more from Saki's flashbacks and are exposed, which only adds deeper meaning to the mysteries.

We still don't know much about what's going on, but that didn't really matter for this episode. Maybe it was because of the last few episodes' poor performance, but I thought that this episode was fine as reintroduction to the Shin Sekai Yori we initially knew. Much like the series we initially knew, the intensity is back as the perfect finishing touch to the episode.

Now that we're back into the swing of things, it can only get better. Finding out about the demon cats and Shun's disappearance has now propelled the story in the right direction and by the looks of it, Saki will be venturing into more unknown territory. I just hope this upcoming arc doesn't end like the last one. That would be plain frustrating as I'm excited to watch Shin Sekai Yori once again.