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Second episode of Servant x Service and I'm still liking what I see.  As for the new girl, I'm still undecided.

Oddly enough, the reason I liked the first half of this episode was because it was reminiscent of another series. Yes, the eccentric Chihaya's otaku tendencies took me back to the original Ohno from Genshiken, as she tried to convince everyone  to cosplay.  I wouldn't being drawing the comparison, but I feel as though the Vividred Operation reference opened the door on the references made and that in turn let Chihaya be a big part of the episode.

Some of the jokes about cosplay were priceless and of course Haebe's flawless skills and ability to tease Lucy were worth more than a chuckle.  Chihaya also proves to be a decent comedy character by delivering some strange and cutesy observations with some nice facial expressions.

After the fun with Chihaya, came the introduction of an imouto character.  Yes, I know that usually spells trouble - for the quality of the series that is - and in Servant x Service's case, it remains to be seen.  I didn't hate Touko, I just found her unfunny for the most part.  With the comedy resting primarily on the dynamics between characters, her intrusion didn't do much improve or contribute to the comedy.

The funniest moment involving her was when Miyoshi slammed her for doing what she did, and to some extent the tsundere act that followed.  Everything else in between didn't really do much and whilst it wasn't terrible, I could do with seeing less of it in the future.  What it looks like now is that Touko's role will be similar to Chihaya's, in that it won't intrude too much into the main trio's screen time.

As negative as I might sound about Touko, she isn't too bad a character.  It's just that she's a little too extroverted for the type of comedy we're already seeing from Servant x Service, so she may not fit in.  Nevertheless, this was only one episode and how she fares in the long run remains to be seen.

Servant x Service 02 - Extra Screen Shots
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