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Spring is coming.  Here's Red Data Girl, the first offering from the always interesting P.A. Works.

When it comes to anime by P.A. Works, I'm not the most enthusiastic.  For me their work just doesn't entice me or grab my attention.  I can see why people like them, yet I can't see why they play it safe so much.  Just from the first episode of Red Data Girl, I feel as though they continue to play it safe.

The first episode was almost entirely composed of drama.  Our female lead Izumiko is a sheltered girl with supernatural powers who has little support from her parents.  Izumiko looks to be the centre of the drama as her school life and private life are complicated.  It doesn't help that Miyuki comes back into her life, after he's forced to transfer into her school.  Pretty much the basis of any romance drama, with very little of the supernatural being explored.  Add in the fact that Izumiko can't keep her eyes off Satoru Wamiya, and you pretty much have your future love triangle.  It was disappointing to see a lack of supernatural plot elements, however that could be part of the storytelling; attempts to keep an air of mystery surrounding the story.

Unfortunately a lot of the first episode was lost on me.  Aside from being intrigued by the supernatural air surrounding Red Data Girl's plot, I was indifferent about a lot of what happened in the episode.  For one, I found the constant talk about her hair a little silly and then there was the possible reverse harem that put me off.  Nothing concrete on the second just yet, though the OP could be an indicator.  Right now it does feel like it isn't venturing into reverse harem territory, though that could change rather quickly.  If that's the case, Red Data Girl's anime may end up feeling like a visual novel adaptation.  Then there's the case of Miyuki being a very prickly character, who already annoys me but I'll save that for another time.

Being adapted from a novel, I was expecting something a little more interesting.  As opposed to Light Novels, novels themselves provide a hope for more originality.  Red Data Girl hasn't started off on the highest of notes, though I remain hopeful for now.  There is still potential here to see something more original, and I do hope we'll be getting more than your average reverse harem/drama.

Red Data Girl OP

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Red Data Girl ED

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