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A lot certainly happened in this episode of PSYCHO-PASS.  If you didn't watch past the credits, you might want to revisit it.

After last week, I wondered how the series would progress.  The biggest question on my mind was whether the Sibyl system's reveal would be final plot.  With the reveal in this episode, I can safely say that I'm left a little surprised and satisfied.  On the other hand, there's something off-putting about it.

I don't expect everyone to love this episode.  Whilst popular opinion on forums may say it was a great episode, there are people like with certain reservations.  To start, I'd say the reveal turned out to be semi-expected thanks to certain spoilers I read about the movie Minority Report.  I'll refrain from saying anything more on that matter, just in case some of you (like me) still plan to watch it later.  The one plot twist I wasn't expecting was Touma Kouzaburou using the Chief's body.  Later explained to be part of the Sibyl methodology, we dive back into philosophical waters as he and Shougo have their conversation.

No surprise that the conversation took up most of the episode.  More of Urobuchi's writing at hand here as both Shougo and Kouzaburou discuss the Sibyl system.  A system born from fear and governed by those without it.  Much as one would expect, it's not run simply by a computer; even PSYCHO-PASS points out the need for human judgement.  Since justice is less a technical concept, it only makes sense that humans have the last say and that fact has been retained by the system.  Of course the system is corrupt if the people at the top are like Touma and Shougo, but that is the danger of a system with no room for calculating amalgams.  That's why we humans need the freedom to make the last call on right and wrong - a call that'll remain subjective depending on the person.

There was just something about this part that didn't click.  My problems with the episode are hard to put into words.  If I had to guess, it would be the way this information was revealed.  So far I've happy with most PSYCHO-PASS plot twists and dramatic moments, but there was something just off about this.  Maybe I'm using past episodes as a means to measure quality, or it really was the execution.  At least the end of the conversation was good.

Whilst it may not be in good taste to root for a villain, I couldn't help but be happy at Shougo's response.  Since PSYCHO-PASS' plot has revolved around him, there was no surprise as to how he reacted.  That didn't stop a sense of satisfaction when he beat his mentor to death and regained control.  Looking cool and taking back the reigns like a boss! An evil boss.

Whether you liked this episode or not, we can't refute it being a major point in PSYCHO-PASS' final arc.  Personally I liked that the Sybil system wasn't kept a mystery and that Shougo remains the final villain.  There is more ambiguity attached to who'll be the final villain - Shougo or Sibyl - but that's something that comes with the genre.  Now that PSYCHO-PASS has all of its cards on the table, it'll be interesting to see the final arc and the conclusion.

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