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As PSYCHO-PASS continues to get closer to its conclusion, the anarchy takes root.

We've now gotten to the point in the series where it's all about bringing the story together. In PSYCHO-PASS' case, that involves a big move by the big antagonist. Makishima's anarchy is well under way with the events of this episode. In particular, one scene delivered a powerful statement.

Given their over-reliance on technology, it's no surprise the general public reacted the way they did. We've seen that in this world, the assumption is that anyone on the streets is as sane and mentally healthy as the next person. A hard concept for people such as myself - doubting everyone is second nature - but a plausible thought for a Orwellian future.

I personally assume that when faced with this type of situation, people would run away in ignorance. There's nothing shocking about it. We want to protect ourselves from any danger associated to any action, which in this case was somewhat confusing for the general public. They've lived a safe life, with almost no danger of assault or murder; this "demonstration" was a puzzle to them.

Whilst that scene left a few question marks for others, it made sense to me. The reaction just shows how much people have assimilated into a lifestyle as carefree as this one. A rare opportunity to show a positive of the Sibyl system. The flaws are still there, but that's more of a transition cost from getting the old method replaced. Much like what a certain enforcer had gone through. The scene itself left a strong impression. Just the robot telling the victim to seek treatment carries a certain dark humour. The same cannot be said about the rest of the episode.

Putting aside how the anarchistic wheels have been put in motion, I wasn't crazy about the case. It's a filler at most. Nothing but a quick fix of sorts to keep the us occupied with something other than the main mystery. In that respect, PSYCHO-PASS failed to deliver. A cheap 2-minute mystery this late in the game, isn't the best of choices.

This definitely wasn't my favourite episode of PSYCHO-PASS. That said, we got to see the villain make his move. Now its time for the police to counter.