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Looks like PSYCHO-PASS' returns is an understated one; no doubt to build up to more exciting things. For now, this episode on Yayoi should get us back into the swing of things.

Out of all the enforcers and detectives, Yayoi is the quietest which explains the reasoning behind this episode. Given that we've heard all but one or two words from her, her involvement in the plot from here on would have been strictly background. Whilst others like Kagari and Masaoka are vocal and present in the episodes, she fades and that makes this episode a little necessary.

More than just hinting at her sexual preferences, we get a look at how enforcers join the bureau. With Kougami's past being the only one we know, there had to be an explanation as to how non-former detectives are recruited which we see right here. The Sibyl System continues to be the centre of this all, extending itself to determining the "hunting dogs" fit for bureau use - more and more talk of the Sibyl is very much like talking about a regime that's flawed and hated by the masses. It's noticeable that Sybil is being talked about more and more each episode and that worries me, but I'll save that for another time.

It wouldn't be PSYCHO-PASS without more debate about the human condition, so this episode talks about art. With the topic of art having been broached once before, this episode takes a more docile turn in discussing it and actually goes into more detail. This is when you can really see the influence of Equilibrium on PSYCHO-PASS but even better, it doesn't mimic it completely. More than just talking about passion looking like poison, I found the idea of authorising art to be an interesting topic altogether.

Art is an ambiguous luxury we enjoy. Some countries may ban certain pieces, but one thing that's a given in the West is freedom to artists. An interesting topic altogether that takes me back to first scene of Equilibrium and then adds something more to it.

Now the question is whether this plot will be revisited in the present timeline of PSYCHO-PASS. A likelihood I'm not too keen on for now, but I'm willing to be proven wrong if the plot manages to assimilate it without too much effort.

Hardly the most exciting episode of PSYCHO-PASS but good nonetheless. Taking a step back after the previous episode didn't hurt the series at all and given the previous episode's power, this was a nice reset so to speak.