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We're heading somewhere dark and wonderful whenever we watch PSYCHO-PASS.

By now I've probably mentioned that PSYCHO-PASS is my favourite anime this season, and one which makes my Thursday. There's only one real problem with it being so good: running out of ways to praise it. Of course, as usual, I'll try my best.

We've already seen lesser criminals and cases being used to amp up the tension, so seeing the young artiste being fed to the wolves (literally) should have come as no surprise. Makishima is indeed the puppet master, leaving behind the faintest of trails to be uncovered and that'll make for a stunning conclusion. As I might have mentioned, I love that PSYCHO-PASS is tying together all the small cases to develop the main mystery and Makishima's prowess.

Kougami is steadily improving as well. As if improving just so Makishima has a worthwhile opponent, he continues to defy the pure logic and goes with his gut. If this episode revealed anything, it's that we still don't know the extent of Kougami's influence. He is indeed a former detective and that can come into play a few more times in future episodes.

Now in terms of style, this was by far the most artistic episode. A reading of Titus Andronicus as the young girl is being disposed off had a certain somber yet enchanting air about it. The monologue didn't seem too long and it resonated in the background as Rikako fought to get away. For those wondering about the monolouge, it was taken from Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus. A part of me does we wish I was more familiar with the story so I may possibly appreciate the artistic touch, nonetheless it was a beautiful moments.

Still continuing about the style, the violence was spot on. Thinking back to PSYCHO-PASS' first episode, the violence was very crude and unrefined as opposed to this episode being just the right amount of crude. We don't actually see that much blood and the action of killing and that works. Simply seeing a girl's head fall into water is enough to get me twitching in all the right ways. Kind of like how we never saw actual murders taking place with the "art" victims, the violence has become almost desirable.

PSYCHO-PASS is going strong. Makishima vs Kougami's about to start, and Rikako's murderer hinted at possible group of people on Makishima's level. Excitement is peaking with series.