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Boy is this series quite the thriller.

You know what I like about PSYCHO-PASS It's ability to capitalise on the dark setting and bring out this horror/thriller feeling. The episode was the right mix of detective mystery and horror, leaving me a little freaked but happy altogether.

This particular episode didn't even rely on gore. We've seen PSYCHO-PASS be bloody and gory, which worked but now we get to see it be horror-like in a different way. Believe you me, when I say that "things best left to the imagination" unexpectedly makes sense here.

Maybe not to some, but as someone who has an over-active imagination I found myself more spooked. Often it's not seeing the action that brings about a reaction but rather the imagining the possibilities of what could have happened. I loved that we got to see the girls for a split second before they were turned into "works of art" just so we got that extra bit of spine-chilling.

As usual we had more of the logic vs instinct debate and this time it was all about the messed up girl's father. I don't know if it's because art is involved, but I was immediately taken back to Equilibrium. Art is an interesting case for many reasons, and has some of the most undefinable meanings from creation to appreciation. I'm sure not everyone who paints grotesque pictures of slaughter or what have you is bad person. In fact some of those painters could be the nicest people in the world!

There was also a little bit about technology and hypochondria, which reflects the present quite well. I'm not sure if it was intended to be a quip or just more commentary about the failings of the Psycho-Pass and Sibyl system, but it was another interesting point to bring up.

The episode was good. Right now PSYCHO-PASS is on the rise and it's managed to be thorough with explanations whilst introducing themes and mixing genres. I really enjoyed the shift in focus to Rikako and the information we learnt about her. It was a very Western horror type explanation and background story, and I loved it for that.

Just goes to show: PSYCHO-PASS can do so much.